Curb Appeal: Your Chance at Making – or Breaking – the First-Time Impression

Dated: February 23 2020

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WOW - Just stumbled upon an article I wrote about the importance of curb appeal for NHOME Texas Magazine back in March 2014! I have been in the real estate Industry since 2003 & some things never change! Curb appeal us so important when you are listing your home... While the actual "first impression" is usually online, the first in-person first impression is that moment the potential buyer pulls up to the home & gets a good look at the overall outward appearance... And, it can definitely make or break things!

I have included the article for you below :)

Patricia Zars

Director of Marketing & Agent Development

Z&R Realty


Curbside presentation: your chance at making – or breaking – the first-time impression

We’ve all heard the old saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Studies have shown that in the first few milliseconds of our observing something, we not only unconsciously comprehend what it is, but decide whether or not we like it.

When it comes to real estate, curb appeal – a property’s overall appearance from the street – is more than likely the aspect of your home that will get to make the first impression. Potential buyers will do their initial drive-by, whether online or in person, to narrow down the best prospects and quickly eliminate undesirable options. Based on the home’s curb appeal, or exterior attractiveness, they will very likely make assumptions about the home’s overall condition.

While we have also heard the saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” this is exactly what happens the majority of the time. Searching for a home really is a process of elimination. Poor curb appeal could easily lead to a home being eliminated before potential buyers even get a chance to see inside.

This means that no matter how perfect the layout is, how great the interior features are or how well-staged a home is, it may never make the list of showings simply because the curbside presentation isn’t up to par.

We all know we are supposed to de-clutter the insides of our homes before putting them on the market. De-cluttering is just as important when it comes to the outside – and quite often, this important step in preparing your home for sale gets forgotten or overlooked.

Put away the garden hoses, the sprinklers, the yard tools and even the unnecessary nick-knacks – not everyone appreciates the yard gnome. A good pressure wash or some fresh paint can really add a lot of life to a home. And of course, a well-manicured lawn and spruced-up landscaping really go a long way. Seasonal flowers are a great way to add a pop of color, and fresh mulch does wonders – this is easy to do and well worth the minimal cost.

Your home’s exterior should demonstrate a pride of ownership. It should inspire curiosity and entice prospective buyers to want to see what’s inside. Better curb appeal will make your home stand out and set it apart from the other homes on the market. By paying close attention to what buyers will see first, you not only add to the chance of getting them inside to see what your home has to offer, but you also add to the home’s value in the buyer’s mind – and you quite possibly add to the bottom line, too.

Curb appeal is where people start when they’re looking to buy, so it’s wise to make curb appeal the first place you start when you start preparing your home to sell.


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